Digital C Prints - Presssure mounted on anodized gallery aluminum panel, protective surface luster lamination film on the print face, fabricated aluminum mounting bracket frame on back. Prints are available up to 70" x 108" depending on image, ready to install, does not require framing.

SITE SPECIFIC - For special projects, pieces can be made size specific, additionally, sets or series of images can be produced to fit a space exactly.

SUBSTRATES - Prints produced on anodized gallery aluminum panels, floating gallery plexi, stretched canvas mounted onto stretcher bars and fine art papers up to 40" x 90".

LIGHTBOX MEDIA - kodak duratrans display material, brilliant soft diffusion film for lightbox presentation up to 72" x 102" seamless sheet.


* Poduction time up to 3 weeks per project. Crating & shipping from NYC.


Fandango - changeable background



Thinker, changeable tint - entire wall panel or print



Spacemen - changeable configurations and backgrounds




Lucy - changeable background



Hank - changeable hues and background






Ricky - changeable background



Ricky - changeable background



Hank & Sylvie mounted on round cut-outs



Priest -- Circle Faces Design


Delegates - Indivdual cut outs



Cemetery - changeable tint




Delegates Grid - changeable background


Delegates Grid - changeable background



The Blue Flowers



Light Box Media



Three Who Say - Blue Version


Three Who Say - Red Version



Tall Faces - set of three faces- changeable backgrounds





Tall Faces - Skulls, colorized version - changeable background






Message - Purple version
Message - hue and saturation variations



Alligators & Monkeys - changeable configurations and backgrounds



Dog & Bones
set of Delegates Checkered - used together as a grid image



Hank & Sylvie - changeable background



Half Storm








Rave Series - changeable backgrounds


Green Rave
Lavender Rave
Red Rave
Yellow Rave